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7 Décor Essentials For A Stylish Ontario Winter Wedding

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Every season provides wedding-day advantages. Those brave souls who are not intimidated by chilly Ontario weather, know winter can be a beautiful time of the year for a wedding. Though it may not be the most popular season for getting married, there are distinct advantages to a winter wedding. There are the practical advantages like lower cost and increased availability, then there’s the charm of the season, from beautiful styles inspired by evergreens, to the whimsical fun of a winter wonderland theme, making winter such a charming, cozy and intimate time to get married.

Inspired by the season, here are seven décor ideas to add some rustic sophistication to the snowy backdrops and picturesque views at your winter wedding.

Black & White

What’s a more timeless wedding colour palette than black and white? Not only is it classic and elegant, but it also makes the perfect colour palette for a formal winter wedding. To achieve this design, use a variety of fabrics, textures, and décor accents. Take this theme to another level and make a real statement by wearing a black and white gown. Feeling a little less adventurous? Accessorize with a few pieces of black jewelry instead.


One of the stresses of getting married in the winter is the worry that the floral varieties and colors available may be lacking. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many winter wedding flowers to choose from! White weddings have always ruled in winter, but an all-white color palette doesn’t have to be stark white. Create a soft, “antique” white effect, made up of flowers in creams, ivories, and even very pale blush hues. Elegant silver and white arrangements are a popular choice for flowers for winter brides too.

Table Runners

When you picture a winter landscape, it’s likely that evergreens come to mind. They just scream winter and inspire warm holiday memories! Add some evergreen flare with a table runner; it’s a festive twist to traditional floral arrangements. It will provide charm and coziness to the wedding, bringing back all those positive associations and memories from the holidays. Add pinecones and berries to show off that natural winter spirit.

Get a Monogram

I know that a monogram isn’t necessarily a winter idea, but what can be more elegant and grand than a personalised monogram combining your initials? A simple, beautiful design using calligraphy and cursive fonts is the perfect touch for your wedding stationery, stage backdrop, napkins and anywhere else.


Lanterns are a timeless symbol of the colder seasons. LED lanterns are an excellent choice. They emit a brighter light than candles, and their casings offer gorgeous decorations on their own. Line the aisle, use them as centerpieces in the dining room, or hang them outdoors by the entrances and along chilly pathways and steps.

Stay Warm

Keep the day cozy by having winter rugs, scarves and shawls rolled up in baskets (or a vintage toboggan) around your venue. Add a sign saying ‘help yourself to an extra layer’ so that your guests feel free to help themselves. Personalize them with a monogram, and they’ll make the perfect wedding favour. When picture time happens, they’ll appreciate this gesture!

Silvery Details

Your color scheme sets the tone and mood of your wedding, figuring out which emotions you want to evoke for your celebration is essential before you pick your palette. We love silver touches for winter weddings. Not only does the silvery sparkle fit perfectly with the season, but it also adds elegance to your big day. Add class and sophistication to your reception with little flourishes like silver ornaments and a combination of patterns as intricate as gentle snowflakes with smooth, silken fabrics alongside just a touch of magical sparkle. The results will make your guests feeling like they have walked into an elegant winter wedding wonderland.

Make these ideas a reality with a winter wedding waterside at Rawley Resort. Winter is the best time to make your wedding a truly intimate experience with the exclusive use of our entire resort. We take care of every detail for you, making it a stress-free wedding celebration. A picturesque ceremony, an intimate cocktail (or warm beverage) reception, and a gourmet three-course dinner, your day will be truly unforgettable.

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