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Competitive snowshoeing in Ontario

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Many snow lovers eagerly await the first winter storm in Ontario. In fact, the more snow, the better! Some of the best Muskoka winter activities occur while wearing snow pants, snow boots, a hat, and gloves. Winter sports are so prevalent in our area that Rawley Resort has snowmobiling trails right outside of our door! However, snowshoeing in Ontario is one of the area’s classic, competitive winter activities. Every March, visitors travel to Ontario from near and far to participate in the Muskoka Snowshoe Races.

Huntsville Muskoka Snowshoe Races

The Muskoka Snowshoe Races is a series of recreational races that are hosted by TriMuskoka, Snowshoe Canada, and the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. The race takes place on five and 10 kilometres snowshoe trails through Muskoka lake and forest. You’ll find that some athletes are more competitive than others, so don’t let your amateur snowshoe skills scare you away! At the end of the race, prizes will be distributed for the best time in each age group. Since the Muskoka Snowshoe Races are the last round of the Ontario Cup Series, you can’t miss out!

Are There Additional Snowshoe Trails Near Me?

Of course, there are more snowshoe trails “near me” The Rawley Resort team enjoys snowshoeing in Torrance-Barrens, the world’s first official Dark Sky Preserve. To be a Dark Sky Preserve, the conservation park must be located in an area where light pollution is avoided at all costs. Right when you walk into Torrance-Barrens, you can look into the sky and see a 360-degree view of the stars. Snowshoeing under Ontario’s glowing sky is an experience you’ll never forget.

After a long day of snowshoeing in Ontario, head back to your charming suite at Rawley Resort. Our staff will be eager to hear how you placed in the Muskoka Snowshoe Races.

While in town, be sure to check out the many other exciting events coming up, such as Port Carling Winterfest. Secure your room today, by visiting our website or giving us a call at 705-538-2272.

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