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Team Retreats

"Here at Rawley Resort, we're passionate believers in the power of teamwork to fuel success. We're bubbling with excitement to offer your company an exclusive chance to ignite team spirit at Rawley Resort Spa and Marina! Picture this: an unforgettable team-building extravaganza that sparks camaraderie and strengthens bonds like never before. Are you ready to elevate your team's synergy to new heights?"

Some of Our Pre-planned Packages


Tranquil Escapes

Relaxing Retreat: Cold Plunge Getaway, Culinary experience with lakeside view, Spa & Yoga Retreat


Adventurous Escape: Skiing Getaway, Outdoor Movie Nights & Guest Speakers

New Year Party_edited.jpg

Enigmatic Evenings

Relaxing Retreat: Murder Mystery Night Escape, Spa & Yoga Retreat, Fine Dining with lakeside view


Adventurous Escape: Casino Night & Fine Dining with scenic lakeside view, Outdoor Movie Nights & Guest Speakers


Culinary & Wellness Fusion

Relaxing Retreat: A wine maker's dinner, a tasting of unique local and seasonal products, Spa & Yoga Retreat


Adventurous Escape: Fishing & Boat Rental Package, Casino Night & Fine Dining Experience


Serenity & Knowledge

Relaxing Retreat: Workshops & Seminars with Customizable Menu, Body Treatments & Skincare, High Tea


Adventurous Escape: Guided Nature Walks Experience, Outdoor Movie Nights & Guest Speakers

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