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Discover the Captivating Muskoka Waterfalls

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The Muskoka region is a beautiful part of the Canadian Shield known for its diverse, rugged landscape. Nature is abundant in Muskoka with windswept pines, glistening lakes, rocky terrain, local wildlife, and cascading waterfalls. There are seventeen captivating waterfalls in the region, and several of these falls are within an hour of Rawley Resort. Our luxury Ontario resort is an excellent place to craft a unique stay and connect with nature. We make it easy to enjoy the region’s beauty with our Bespoke Experiences. See how many Muskoka waterfalls you can check off the list this summer when you plan a getaway to Rawley Resort.

White’s Falls is the closest waterfall to Rawley Resort, less than 15 minutes away. We offer a bespoke experience to White’s Falls for guests who want to work with our Guest Manager to curate their day. Visit this natural wonder in Port Severn to kick off your Ontario waterfall tour!

We recommend planning a day trip to see the best Muskoka waterfalls. After exploring our Port Severn waterfall, drive 30 minutes to Bala Falls. Most of the cascades can be seen over the dam, but further downstream, you can see a smaller waterfall where you can set up a perfect picnic by the water.

After Bala Falls, drive to Bracebridge, where you can witness several beautiful waterfalls! Start at Muskoka Falls under the Hwy 11 bridge. The waterfall cascades down the eroded rock of the Canadian Shield and is an impressive sight, even though a dam has diverted the water. Muskoka Falls is an excellent place for a pit stop before hiking to other falls nearby.

Stop at Bracebridge Falls down the road to see another impressive waterfall nestled under a bridge.

High Falls is the largest and steepest waterfall in the region and a must-see during your summer vacation. There is a roadside park next to the waterfall where you can hike down for better views of the 16m falls. You can continue down the wooded path a few hundred feet to see Potts Falls, also known as Little High Falls.

The last waterfall in Bracebridge, Wilson’s Falls, is a wild and scenic sight! Take the Wilson Falls Trail along the Muskoka River until you reach the cascades of Wilson’s Falls. The water is calm enough during the summer months for a refreshing swim to cool off from your day of adventures!

If you are interested in seeing one of the best waterfalls in Ontario, make the additional hour drive to Ragged Falls near Algonquin Park.

Reconnect with Nature at the Muskoka Waterfalls

Get outside this summer and discover the captivating Muskoka waterfalls near Rawley Resort. We invite you to spend your getaway exploring the region’s iconic landscapes and connecting with nature. After a day outside, we offer the ideal place to unwind and relax on the Georgian Bay. If you are ready to book your summer getaway, then secure the lowest rate directly with us by calling 705-538-2272.

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