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Farm-To-Table Menu at Rawley Resort

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Lighthouse45 Restaurant, Rawley Resort, Severn

Orillia & Lake Country Tourism features Rawley Resort

Quality is the name of the game. At Rawley Resort in Port Severn, the luxurious Lighthouse25 Restaurant has been redesigned in celebration of the resort’s 100th Anniversary, which included a complete make over to the menu. Leveraging the on the expertise of Eco-Chef Chris Locke, formerly of Toronto’s first farm-to-table restaurant Marben, the menu in the new Lighthouse45 draws heavily from the ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy. Sourcing ethical ingredients from local farms, butchers, wineries, breweries, and suppliers, as well as incorporating seasonal dishes and closed-loop zero waste processes wherever possible.

Author: Orillia & Lake Country Tourism

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