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5 Reasons to Plan an Ontario Corporate Retreat

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Ontario Corporate Retreat at Rawley Reosort

Are you searching for a creative way to bring your company together? Consider a corporate retreat and experience the benefits of having your team connect and collaborate in a distraction-free environment. Rawley Resort offers the perfect setting for corporate retreats, with exceptional cuisine choices, unmatched waterside views, an exclusive private setting, and a skilled hospitality team. From team building to increased productivity, here are five reasons to plan your corporate retreat with Rawley Resort:

1. Bring Everyone Together with Team Building Activities

Corporate retreats are one of the best ways to have your employees bond and build trust with each other. Especially for companies with remote workers, this gives a unique opportunity to collaborate in person. Team-building activities at Rawley include spa visits, painting, board games, yoga, cooking classes, and more!

2. Boost Company Morale

Taking a break from the daily work routine can help boost company morale. Many companies use this time to unify teams with presentations and training to get everyone on the same page regarding company values and missions. This, in turn, can help boost morale and pride in the workplace. Utilize our on-site conference room for presentations with amenities like tables, chairs, and a projector.

3. Increase Productivity & Creativity

Even though your team will be spending time away from the office, corporate retreats actually help increase productivity and creativity. Rawley Resort offers the perfect setting to spark creativity by utilizing our on-site amenities. Get inspired with a massage treatment, relax by the poolside, stroll through our gardens, or book a group yoga class!

4. Recognize Employees in One Place

Getting everyone together under one roof can be challenging with so many different departments. Company retreats allow the ideal opportunity to recognize employees and show your appreciation for their efforts. We are happy to help you set up a company dinner for this with our buffet option for large groups!

5. Encourage Professional Development

Planning a corporate event can be an excellent opportunity for professional development. Retreats show that you are taking the initiative to invest in your employees, the greatest asset to any business! Take this opportunity for your employees to learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and gain insight across departments.

Plan Your Ontario Corporate Retreat at Rawley Resort

Plan your Ontario corporate retreat at Rawley Resort and let our skilled hospitality team help you arrange the best event for your group! We offer the perfect corporate retreat location, just 1.5 hours from Toronto, hidden among a natural waterside landscape. Get in touch with us for more information or to get a quote on your corporate event at Rawley!

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