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Six Wedding Planning Tips Before You Choose Your Wedding Venue

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

We have been working with couples to create stunning luxury lakeside weddings for years. In that span, we have noticed a few tricks that have made getting the right venue, at the right time, more successful. Before you consider your location, the following topics will help you find the date that works for you, while also having some of your other wedding must-haves. Here are six things that will help your wedding planning before you book a date.

Set Yourself Up Online

There is no denying that most of your wedding planning and communication will be done online. Get a head start by setting up your online tools (think of it as your online Wedding Binder). Create a bookmark folder in your browser so you can organize some of your favourite sites. Set up an invite list in a spreadsheet, like Excel or Google Sheets. Start building a free website that you can direct guests to on your invites. Create wedding style boards on Pinterest. Put possible dates in an online calendar. You get the idea. There is a lot you can do online, so start now and set yourself up for success from the get-go.

What’s Blooming

The first question you are likely to hear from people is “when’s the wedding?” Though picking a date seems like a simple thing to do, there are a few things to consider like flowers, colour palette, and fashion style before choosing your day.

First things first, let’s talk flowers. If there a particular bloom you want to feature in your floral design, the season is essential. You might want to chat with a florist and start thinking about a date based on the flowers you like the best. Once you choose your flowers, you can build out a colour palette, which also affects what season you go for (some colours just work better based on the season, think silver and gold in winter). The third seasonal aspect to consider is fashion. Barefoots weddings aren’t that appealing in winter. Long sleeves make a summer wedding far less enjoyable. You get the point.

It’s Budget Time

How much money do you want (and have) to spend? A budget is not a fun or glamorous part of wedding planning, but it will inform all your other decisions. One more time: Every aspect of your wedding planning from here on out depends on what you have decided your budget is. Look at your finances, who has offered to help out, and how long you have to save to help you determine a number you’re both comfortable with. Once you set that number, stick to it.

Vendors, Vendors, Vendors

You have an idea of the perfect date, but you also have a sense of some vendors you want. That ideal photographer or DJ. That’s awesome. If there are particular vendors you want DON’T WAIT: CONTACT PRIORITY VENDORS NOW! Sorry about the caps lock, but this is an essential step to getting the people you want. Weddings are not last minute propositions. If there is a wedding designer, photographer or officiant that is essential to your wedding day, make sure you get ahold of them early as most vendors book over a year in advance. Many couples set a date with their venue first, but it’s a good idea to go into your venue bookings knowing what dates your dream vendors have open. Once you know what dates they have available, you can see if one of the venue’s open dates syncs up with theirs.

Guest List Essentials

If it wouldn’t be a perfect day without them, make sure they can make it. Before you set your date in stone, make sure to see if your Bridesmaid can make it, for example. We’re not suggesting that you change all of your plans because that family friend who you met one time when you were two can’t make it, it is just a good idea to ensure the essential people can make it.

While you are thinking about guests, it’s a good idea to set the number of people you want. No firm count is needed to look at venues, but one of the first questions the venue will ask a couple is how many guests you’ll be hosting. Having a rough idea of your wedding size — whether it be 20, 75, 150 or 300 guests — will allow you to cross venues off your list without having to look at them in person since almost all of them list their facility size online.

Bridal Show Road Trip

If you have the time, a bridal show can maximize the number of wedding professionals and venues you see, while minimizing the amount of time required. Toronto bridal shows bring out the best of the best in the wedding industry, so they’re worth attending. If you are early in the planning stages, it will give you some wedding day inspiration! Here are some upcoming shows:

It’s Venue Time

So you have you have checked with crucial vendors, done your research, have a rough idea of the number of guests, great, now book that venue. Major sites are often entirely booked a year ahead – especially if you plan to have a Saturday wedding. The early bird will catch the wedding venue. By having all the details ready you can weed out venues quickly if they can’t accommodate your needs.

Regardless of the season, we offer wedding and reception packages for a variety of sizes. From an intimate reception to a full site booking, we can help make your wedding a genuinely stress-free celebration. Give us a call or send an email and let’s start making your day will be truly unforgettable.

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