Ten Tips for Staying Connected With Your Partner

You have probably heard it before: A happy and successful marriage takes work. Imagine telling that to your younger self. In those early stages, you would never dream that work would be involved in your relationship, things just felt so natural. However, with time, work, and kids, life changes things. Working on your relationship is a reality and it means intentional time and effort, there’s no way around it. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a challenge. We have 10 little tips to help couples’ Rest, Relax, and Reconnect.

1. Create New Memories

Sharing new, exciting, experiences as a couple is part of a healthy relationship. There is great power in shared experiences. We all know that it’s easy to be stuck in predictable routines. That’s why it’s so important to try new adventures and create new opportunities for affection. These experiences don’t need to be elaborate – gaze upon the stars together, pack a picnic and explore somewhere new, try stand-up paddleboarding. You could even make a weekend out of it. We have found that couples love taking a bike and exploring the scenic beauty around our resort, sharing a relaxing day at the spa, or trying out something totally new such as Paint Nite. New experiences are waiting; make time, enjoy each other’s company, and create some new memories.

2. Daily Touch

It’s a fact: humans need touch. A kiss goodbye, cuddling on the couch, or holding hands on an evening stroll – make sure touch is part of your day as a couple. Small gestures have big results!

3. Make Time for Talk

Communication is an integral part of your relationship. Sure, it’s important to talk about day-to-day things, but make sure to take some time to go a little deeper. When you ask, “how was your day?”, really listen and engage with your partner. You can talk about passions, concerns, dreams, or learn something new things about your partner. Speaking of talking…

4. Say I Love You

When you feel it, say it. By telling your spouse how wonderful they are, they will feel loved, appreciated, and just plain happy.

5. Surprise Them

Sometimes, the smallest thing becomes much more meaningful when it’s offered as a surprise. Fine chocolates are great, fine chocolates snuck into a purse with a love note attached are AMAZING! A small, thoughtful surprise says so much. Do the little things, share kind thoughts in a text, write loving words in a note, or complete a kind action, such as breakfast in bed, really make a difference.

6. Turn Off the Electronics

A common couples’ complaint is there’s never enough time. Unfortunately, to make quality time you need quantity time. You have to make the time. One way to do it, take an inventory of how much time you spend on social media or watching Netflix. Can some of that time be transferred to quality time with your partner? Small changes can make a big difference.

7. Exercise Together

Exercise is a true win-win for your health. A healthy body promotes a healthy relationship. You might be saying, “exercise, with what time?”. The great thing about exercising together is that even a short workout can have a big impact. You will both release endorphins at the same time and those “happy hormones,” are fantastic to enjoy with your best friend. We see couples do yoga, ride bikes, or just go for an evening walk – all ways to feel good about yourself and strengthen your relationship.