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Your stay at Rawley Resort, Spa, and Marina opens the door to a world of exciting activities and attractions. Dive into the natural beauty of the region with kayak rentals, where you can paddle along serene waterways and soak in the scenic views. For a more extensive aquatic adventure, our boat rentals give you the freedom to explore the majestic Georgian Bay.

For a change of pace, venture to nearby provincial parks and discover the wilderness at its finest. Hike through lush forests, or simply revel in the tranquility of the great outdoors. Feeling lucky? The nearby casino offers thrilling entertainment and a chance to try your hand at games of chance.

Whatever your preference, there's an adventure waiting just outside our doors. Create lasting memories as you embrace the diverse and exciting experiences that our picturesque region has to offer.

Bench on Autumn Leaves


Embrace the beauty of nature during your stay at Rawley Resort. Our tranquil retreat is surrounded by an array of nearby parks, offering the perfect opportunity to explore scenic trails and reconnect with the great outdoors. From lush greenery to picturesque landscapes, these parks provide a serene escape for nature enthusiasts. Plan your stay with us and immerse yourself in the wonders of the surrounding parks, making your getaway at Rawley Resort an unforgettable blend of relaxation and outdoor adventure.

six mile lake.jpg

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park

Georgian Bay Island Park

Honey Harbour Park Landing

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre

Forest Harbour Park

Port Severn Park

Winter Sports

winter activities

A winter wonderland adventure near Rawley Resort! Experience the thrill of snow tubing, snow biking, skiing, and a myriad of other winter activities just moments away from our retreat. From the exhilarating rush of snow tubing to the picturesque trails perfect for snow biking, there's no shortage of snowy delights for winter enthusiasts. Plan your stay at Rawley Resort and immerse yourself in the magic of winter, with a variety of activities that promise both excitement and the cozy charm of the season.


Hardwood Ski and Bike


Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Scout Valley

The Millennium Trail

Grants Woods

Copeland Forest



Elevate your Rawley Resort experience with a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Nestled amidst scenic beauty, Rawley offers more than just a cozy stay. Experience a journey of entertainment with nearby attractions like Casino Rama, the fascinating Historic Museum, the vibrant Midland Cultural Centre, and the intriguing Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum. After a day of exploration, return to Rawley for a luxurious retreat, where you can unwind in comfort. Let Rawley be your home base as you delve into the rich cultural and recreational offerings of the surrounding area. Experience the best of both worlds at Rawley Resort.

rouge marine rentals_edited.jpg

Rouge Marine Rental

Oak Bay Golf Club

Casino Rama


White Falls


Big Chute Marina Railway

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High Tea

Experience the timeless elegance of high tea afternoons, where indulgent treats and exquisite teas are served in a refined lakeside setting.



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