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Wedding Photographers Share Their Waterside Wedding Inspiration

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Waterside Wedding at Rawley Resort Spa & Marina

There is one thing that is true for every bride and groom: how quickly the day passes in front of you. Your wedding day is a time when excitement vibrates in every cell of your body. It can make the day feel like a blur. It is the reason why wedding couples usually want to immortalize the unique moments of the day with photos. You want those photos to showcase every little detail of the day, from the big moments to the simple ones.

Over the years, we have seen the work of many talented wedding photographers. We talked to a few to find out what makes a magical photo and how the venue inspires them.

One of the things that immediately stand out from Adam & Steph’s photos is how Katie Thompson featured the natural landscape, while also using our resort to bring a cottage-like feel. She has a flair for capturing the unique love stories of each couple she photographs. Thompson loved how Rawley added the perfect backdrop for Adam & Steph’s story. “I am a huge fan of willow trees and love working with those wherever possible, the fact that the couple were married right underneath one was absolutely beautiful,” says Thompson.

Thompson has photographed many venues and tells couples that they should go with their heart when it comes to the venue. “I know for Adam & Steph this venue held so many memories for them, so it worked so perfectly to have it be the place they started the next chapter of their life together,” says Thompson.

Thompson brought a relaxed and cozy feel to these photos, she made our venue feel like the perfect mix of cottage intimacy, yet beautifully modern as well. This shot was one of our favourite and Thompson agrees, “Steph looking out off the balcony from their resort room was stunning. She made such a breathtaking bride, and you could tell from her smile just how excited she was for their special day to begin.”

For Kate Gass and Andrew Essig, the husband and wife duo of Visual Roots, wedding photography is all about real people and real moments. They captured the real moments from Chris and Beth’s wedding, using a windy day to their advantage. They took advantage of our waterfront, lawn and rock outcroppings. But, they didn’t restrict their inspiration to the outdoors. Gass says, they featured the “interesting windows and lighthouse viewing area, for great, one of a kind images.”

The silhouette created here is heart-stirring. Gass says, “Window light is the best, especially when they are round.” Her advice to couples who are thinking about how to decorate their space for optimal wedding photos is “keeping things simple and not too cluttered. Having additional lighting for evening time – candles, twinkle lights – is always nice.”

Chris and Beth had a family cottage near Rawley that had been passed down through the family for many generations. They had a deep attachment to the area and wanted to showcase that landscape, while also providing a luxury feel for their guests. We love how Kate and Andrew let the landscape shine in the pictures.

We love how Jennifer Klementti captures the beauty, emotion and cherished moments throughout the wedding day. Her blend of documentary wedding photography and fine art aesthetic came through in Alec and Jennifer’s wedding photographs. Klementti (photographer, not bride) says, “Rawley Resort provides a unique and beautiful backdrop for wedding portraits.” Her shots certainly highlighted the interior and exterior of the resort. “The buildings themselves provide an interesting backdrop, and the fact that everything is all within walking distance makes this a great resort for a wedding. You will find beautiful gardens, tall Muskoka white pines, docks and waterfront that provide so many beautiful backdrops for portraits,” says Klementti.

Klementti did a great job capturing those perfect moments of the day. In fact, it is those moments that she targets. “I love documenting the story of the wedding day through capturing moments and emotion,” says Klementti. “The moment right after the bride and groom are announced, and the recessional begins is always filled with emotion.”

Klementti remembers the day as one that was “was all about family, friends and connection.” She made sure to capture that energy and find her inspiration in it. “The energy in the room was incredible. So much love, laughter and joy,” says Klementti. “The emotion is what makes this a great photo for me. I love to capture the unposed, the real moments and the emotion throughout the day.”

As we look back through these photos, we see some common threads. The importance of capturing the emotional points of the day is what tells the real story. The inspiration comes in your interactions with friends, family, the landscape, and, most importantly, each other. Each of these wedding photographers captured those perfect private moments, those moments that you want to look back on a relive. We are proud to host so many incredible weddings as well as the talented photographers who find inspiration here. If you find inspiration in a waterside wedding filled with intimacy and luxury, give us a call or send an email and we’ll help tell your story!

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