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Take an Ontario getaway for Muskoka cycling

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Over the years, the Muskoka area has given rise to quite the outdoor recreation scene. The end of May serves as an unofficial arrival of summer, and soon resorts in Ontario will be teaming with recreational enthusiasts from all over Canada. One of the more prominent things to do in Muskoka during the summer is cycling. Whether you are on a romantic Ontario getaway with your partner, a family or friends vacation, or travelling solo, Muskoka cycling allows visitors to create delightful memories while taking in the scenic and tranquil countryside that exemplifies the region.

A Traveller’s Guide to Muskoka Cycling

The serene areas around Port Severn and the Georgian Bay offer seemingly endless opportunities for those wishing to take in their surroundings while grinding up hills and gliding down inclines. There are many intricate Muskoka cycling routes throughout the area. We encourage you to visit the Discover Muskoka website for a more detailed assessment of the roads best suited for cycling. These routes will take you through the uniquely quaint communities surrounding Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, and Huntsville.

However, for now, we’ll take a pointed approach and share with you cycling information for the Georgian Bay, Gloucester Pool, and Port Severn. If you need a Muskoka bike rental or to purchase a bicycle, The Crank & Sprocket and The Bike Stop are both reputable sources.

The Cambrian Corridor is an extensive route that makes use of Severn Falls and Washago as rest stops for those cycling in Muskoka over long distances. This route connects with the Gloucester Pool Circle to the north and the Carlyon Loop to the south. Head west from Carlyon Loop and then head north on South Sparrow Lake Road to Peninsula Point road towards Hamlet. Or, stay straight and head east to Coopers Falls or perhaps vear south on Muskoka Street towards Ramara.

The Big Chute Loop is a rural ride that features rolling hills and stunning views from Honey Harbour, Macey’s Bay, and Severn Falls. This attractive route is enjoyed by many Muskoka cycling visitors partially because of the dynamic vistas but also the intentional design that incorporates the use of Picnic Island adjacent to the Honey Harbour Park. These features present expansive acerage to rest your muscles, fill your belly, and take some pictures.

Rawley Resort: Your Gateway to Muskoka Cycling

The cycling community around Rawley Resort is a supportive and facilitating collective of individuals and organizations committed to ensuring safe travel and ample routes for its residents and visitors. What better way to supplement Muskoka cycling than to book a stay at a resort with that same passion, but for hospitality? Many guests initially choose Rawley Resort for its picturesque views, elegant dining, and exquisite accommodations, but they return for the comfort one feels when they’ve found their home away from home. Please visit us online or call 800-263-7538 for more information on how we can be an integral part of your Ontario getaway!

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